Beloved Clothing Donation Drive

Armstrong & Oxford are supporting Focus Ireland for the past number of years and this year we want to get a little bit more involved.

We are organising a charity fundraiser called “Corporate Takeover Challenge” that will take place on the 2nd of May. The weeks before the event, our team is challenged to trawl through their homes, appeal to friends, and ask work colleagues for their new or good quality items to find the best stock available to sell (clothes, shoes, jewellery, accessories). Focus Ireland is providing us with stock donation posters and donation stations. One week before the challenge, we will be delivering all stock collected to the Beloved Charity Boutique. On the day of the challenge our team will be responsible for generating footfall, selling on the shop floor and receiving donations.

We are collecting donations of:

  • Clothes
  • Accessories and Jewellery
  • Shoes, Belts and Handbags
  • Homewares

You can drop off you items to our offices at Graduation House, Unit 44, Fashion City, Ballymount, Dublin 24 or join us at Trinity College Dublin Graduations (16-18th April) to donate at the Atrium where we will have a stand.

Your donations go to ‘Beloved’, the Focus Ireland Charity Boutique and will be sold by our team on the 02nd of May.

For every €1.00 raised, 89c goes directly into Focus Ireland’s services.

Over 10,000 people in Ireland are experiencing Homelessness this year; your contribution can have a positive impact changing people’s lives.

We appreciate your support!