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Mary Anne Stritch, Jun 27, 2017 - Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin

Excellent staff, the wait was not long, fixing the hat for me was great. The robes moved a lot and did not stay in place well. They seemed clean and good quality. I was impressed that the hat was clean and did not have make up on it from another graduate who had worn it.

Paul Sexton, Jun 26, 2017 - Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin

I arrived to collect my robe 20 mins beforehand . I left only to see my class mate wearing a different colour so in a rush I hurried back to get the proper colour ,when I explained the mistake they checked the role again at this stage I checked the box they took my original sash from which if they read correctly the first time !! They would have not given me the wrong sash the first time . So they then gave me another sash which I was to find again was the wrong colour , as you can imagine it's an nervous morning and to be running over and back to get the right couloir sash is stressful . Luckily I told the seating staff in the auditorium who had spare colour sashes on standby . The robe staff lacked familiarity with each sash colour , lacked attention to detail . I suggest having a booklet with photos showing each degree and the robe n sash to be warn so they can consult with it when in doubt . Over all a stressful experience .

Reply from Armstrong & Oxford: Our sincere apologies for your bad experience on the day of your conferring. We completely understand your dissatisfaction at the wrong hood being given to you. It was actually Armstrong & Oxford staff in the Auditorium who gave you the correct hood, as it is one of our precautionary measures to do a final check of graduates right before the ceremony and ensure everyone is dressed correctly. We do understand however this was quite stressful for you after being given the wrong hood twice before then, so again our sincere apologies. Kind Regards Susan Account Manager, Armstrong & Oxford

Colleen Connolly, Jun 25, 2017 - Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin

Very good

Ronan Crosby, Jun 24, 2017 - Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin

A very professional service.

Annella Brady , Jun 21, 2017 - Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin

Had a great day did think I was getting a hat when i hired the robe but overall was a great day and robe was comfortable.

Barbara Conway, Jun 20, 2017 - Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin

Excellent staff members who were efficient friendly The only thing l noticed after l collected my robe was a small but noticeable hole on the sleeve it was like a cigarette burn

Caitlin Crowe, Jun 18, 2017 - Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin

very good

Sahr Yambasu, Jun 17, 2017 - Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin


Mary Carlisle, May 14, 2017 - LHP Skillnet

It was super knowing that the hat gown was there one less thing to think about .Thank you very much for a exceptional service .mary

Marcus Maher, Jan 12, 2017

Very easy and straight forward to set up online and was able to quickly get my robe on graduation day.

Justin Martin, Jan 01, 2017


Helena Lewis, Dec 22, 2016

Very easy to order. Very helpful staff with fitting gown however in returning the gown I would prefer more 'contact'. I appreciate the 'event'of graduation is over at the gown return stage, but the customer experience is not, so more relational contact at

Caroline Daly, Dec 19, 2016

The staff were very conscientious. Nothing bad to say

Rodger Hogarth, Dec 14, 2016

With all the excitement and stress of the Graduation day I cannot thank you enough for your very efficient service. You took a huge part of that stress away. Thank you.

Theresa Storan, Dec 14, 2016

Staff weretention friendly kind and very helpful before during and after the event

ger o connor, Dec 14, 2016

Very well organised and efficient and helful

S Murray, Dec 13, 2016

Should have had more desks to check off people's order numbers. It is a pity that there wasn't a separate one for people who had not pre-ordered as it made the process a lot longer than it needed to be. \n\nOther than the slow start everything else was gr

Susan Willis, Dec 13, 2016

Super easy efficient service !

Ms Jennifer Peare, Dec 13, 2016

Four star, satisfactory performance. Where to collect robe would have been helpful.

Jennifer Kane, Dec 13, 2016

It was quick and very well fitted . Thank you

Marion monerawela, Dec 13, 2016

Happy with the service provided

Padraig Hurley, Dec 13, 2016

Thoroughly satisfied

Lindsay wallace, Dec 13, 2016

Lovely staff great quality

Anne Channon, Dec 13, 2016

Fantastic and professional service from start to finish. Very helpful staff who ensured that the gowns and caps were fitted correctly at all times. Thank you Armstrong & Oxford for helping to make a memorable graduation ceremony.